Ever been on a roller-coaster? You start out slow and gain speed, maybe one that climbs really high, then BAM! You are plummeting downward so fast you can’t catch your breath. That happened this week.

Everything was going well and then I checked Facebook. I enjoy Facebook so I can stay in contact with friends that are living in different states; see what they are up to, how big their kids have gotten, etc. As I was browsing, I saw a friend’s post; a mutual friend of ours from law school passed away the other morning from a heart attack. Not the kind of news you want to hear or read about.

This just really hit hard. While he and I were not the ones who talked to each other every day, we still cared for and respected each other. To hear about a friend, your age, passing away too young; it really makes you wake up.

We always do those sentimental posts (I know because I did one) about how this should open our eyes. Contact friends, live life to the fullest, don’t go to bed angry, tell people that you love them now instead of waiting, etc. We always make those posts when tragedy strikes, maybe do that for a few weeks, and then we fall back into our routines of daily life.

Anyone reading this, I want to challenge you right now. I want you to call that friend you haven’t spoken to in a month and check in with them. I want you to call your family member that you had a falling out with and try to settle things. I want you to overcome any disputes you have sitting on the back-burner of your life. Get things sorted with the people in your life; re-connect with old friends. I want you to do that and maintain that line of communication with whomever you reach out to.

All relationships in life take work from both parties. You have to communicate; maybe not everyday but at least more than once a year. Relationships are work but they are worth it. Make a commitment to yourself that you will not just make a sentimental post and be done, but that you would follow through on living a more fulfilled life.

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