Introducing Me

Let me start with an introduction of myself. You see a long time ago, a man and woman met…. too far back? Alright, my name is Jennifer and I live in Arkansas. I went to undergrad locally and left the state for law school in Michigan, but I am not a practicing attorney at this time. I was recently working three jobs but due to COVID (if you don’t know what COVID is, then welcome back to the surface after hibernating in your underground bunker), I lost one of the jobs.

I was a sales associate at a clothing store. It wasn’t a hardship losing that job, the way it has been on so many other people. I had already tried to submit my resignation a month before they closed. I say “tried” because my manager refused to take it. She wanted to keep me working there and said they would work around my new schedule.

I am back down to two jobs and volunteering. I am a member of the local Junior League. If you have never heard of them, they are amazing. It is a worldwide organization promoting volunteerism, improving the community, and developing the potential of women. Each charter focuses on what they can help improve within their local community. Our local charter focuses on the foster care crisis within our community. Our county is overwhelmed with children in the system. The League works with others to help recruit and maintain foster families, furnish children shelters, and prepare children aging through the foster care system to have the necessary life skills to make it as an adult. (In case you want to learn more, then visit our website:

As well as volunteering with the League, I help out with my church wherever I can. Two years ago, I started helping out with the youth. I enjoy the enthusiasm of the teens, as well as the pranks they can play.

I have been told I never meet a stranger. I can start a thirty-minute conversation with people in grocery stores no problem, but ask me to discuss myself and I go blank. My family and friends would be shocked to hear that I am having trouble introducing myself, as I am a very loquacious person.

You now know about my education background, jobs, and volunteering. The only thing I can think of that I didn’t mention is I have a cat (no, I am not a cat lady! No matter what my friend says). I am close with my family. Anytime I get enough money saved up, I tend to go to the other states and visit friends from school, as well as family.

I think that went well for an introduction. Only thing left is maybe why I am starting a blog. I’ve thought about it over the years but assumed people don’t want to hear what I have to say. However, I will post little comments on social media and have people tell me how it inspired them to do something, or look at a situation in a different view point. I tell them the truth, that I post what I learned. Living life, we all learn valuable lessons. Just because I post it doesn’t mean I am such a perfect person that I was already doing what I said. I can preach it far easier than I can walk it. I just hope that in telling my stories, others will find it helpful to them.

Thank you for reading my introduction. If you wish to maybe get some laughs, and small yet insightful pieces of wisdom, then feel free to read what I post. My hope is that I can help someone else, the way others inspire and help me daily. God bless and have a great day!

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