Strong Foundation

Things have started to settle down, with the kids being gone. I am getting myself re-centered and building a strong foundation to stand on. I am also getting over my sadness of how things came about that the kids were removed. Always remember, you have to be centered and taken care of before you can ever take care of someone else.

I still have the belongings of the twins. We are working on getting those things removed and placed with the kids in their new home. I am more accepting of what has happened and that it needed to happen. The twins do need more care than I can provide on my own. So I know that God is working with them, in their new home, to help them with the care they need.

I have been able to see the oldest since she left. A support family that was helping us, their daughter was having her birthday party and I went to it, as well as the oldest girl that had been in my care. We spoke and she seemed to be doing good. Her current foster mom said the main thing was, she was learning how to be a teenager without having her siblings to mother.

I think this will be a good time for her to be a teenager, to look after herself only. While it will be hard not having her siblings around for this time period, it will be a time of growth for her.

I am attending her band concert. I asked if she still wanted me there and she does, so I am taking that as a positive. I will be attending with our youth pastor, her Sunday School teacher, and girls from the Sunday school class. We will create a nice cheering section for her.

I had always hoped that when any kids that came to stay with me left, it would be on good terms and I would be able to stay in touch with them. Just to keep up with how they are doing, if they ever need any help, etc. I know that will not always be the case. If a child gets to go home or is adopted, they might want to forget the time they were separated from their family.

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